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Meat the Butchers

Evan began his meat career at Blue Max working for the former owners. His dream was to someday own his own business and ideally it would be a butcher shop. The opportunity came in the form of an offer to sell Blue Max to him a year after he had moved on to another job. Evan is married to his wife Amanda(they first met here at the shop) and they live here in Puyallup.

Tommy has been cutting meat for a living since 1994 and also hoped to someday own a butcher shop. The opportunity came to be through his friendship with Evan as they formed a partnership to purchase the Blue Max in 2013. Tommy is married to his wife Lisa and they have two kids Brady and Lily.

Paul is Tommy’s Father in law and the Puppa behind the Puppa’s Meatloaf. Paul volunteers at the shop a few days a week making his signature meatloaf and keeping the rest of the crew in line. Paul was a Seattle Firefighter for 35 years and is married to his wife Cindy. They live in Bonney Lake.

Joe began his meat career at the former owners shop in Tumwater. He apprenticed here at Blue Max learning the art of sausage making from Carl, the original owner of Blue Max. Joe has worked at Blue Max the longest of anyone including the current owners.

Do you know how you're not supposed to have favorites with your children?

Matt started out at Blue Max as a customer but was here so frequently we finally offered him a job. Matt has been apprenticing, under Joe, learning sausage making. Matt also has the best customer service and the most extensive product knowledge as he loves to eat meat! He also thinks he’s Batman.

Tommy has known Aiden since he was 7 years old. Aiden eats sleeps and breathes fishing. When he isn’t fishing or going to school at BLHS he likes to work with all his boys at Blue Max.

Jake loves to RAP and loves to wrap meat. He is a multi-talented artist and has painted many of the windows in the front of the store.

Ryan has a passion for Ford trucks and Top 40 Country music(also referred to as country pop by his co workers lol). Ryan also asks a lot of questions....I mean a lot.

Cody is the best salesman at Blue Max....he could sell ice to an Eskimo. He graduates from Sumner High this Spring and hopes to work here for a year before entering the Marine Corps.

Matt graduated from culinary arts school and went to work at Bill the Butcher. After he single handedly caused them to go out of business, he came to bring his extensive culinary knowledge to Blue Max. He is also a total Hipster.

Sam is an Army veteran and is currently a culinary arts student at Le Cordon Bleu. His beard is also incredibly soft...don’t ask.

Mike is a new employee at Blue Max. He is in the Marine Corps reserves, goes to college at Pierce, and hopes to be a Washington State Patrol Officer. He also totally looks like a cop.

Makai is Evan's best friend and our newest employee. He loves kittens.